We specialise in Group Exercise Classes to Music for ALL levels.

​Non intimidating, fun, friendly classes delivered by a committed group of professional instructors.

Fit LAB Studio on 1st Floor of The Dolphin Centre, Horsemarket, Darlington, DL1 5RP


Your first visit should look like this...

...not like this!

Our business model is the opposite to that of many budget gym’s which make a large proportion of their revenue from people who pay for yet do not use the service whether that be the gym or classes. Also with annual commitment, class timetables can change but you don’t have the option to pull out if your favourite classes are on when you are working. Monthly fees can be low at budget gyms but £15 a month is not cheap if you don’t use the service!! However many people do benefit greatly from low cost gyms if they use them regularly…just make sure that the option you choose is right for you and always ask for a try before you buy option, especially if its classes you want ..try them before committing.

With Fit-Lab you have the option of buying a monthly pass one month which means value for money attending as many classes as you wish and paying as you go the next month…this means that you only pay for the times that you are able to attend regularly. We pride ourselves on the service that we offer to our customers with this business model.

We value each of our customers and aim to give you the best possible customer service at all times.

Constructive feedback is always welcome to lesleyfitlab@me.com
Why Fit-LAB?

At Fit-Lab we want you to use our classes because you are motivated enough to attend regularly.  We don’t tie you into annual memberships where you will be paying for a service that you are not using.

Fit-Lab specialises in fitness classes, the management of the company teach some of the classes…this gives a good understanding of what the customers and instructors want and the importance of quality classes in a non-intimidating atmosphere.  The mangers are in regular close contact with Fit LAB instructors communicating with them to ensure that they and their participants (you) are happy.  

Our monthly membership payment option works on a month to month basis….we do this because we are confident enough that you will enjoy our classes and want to come back, therefore we don’t base the business on tying you into an annual contract on your first visit.  

The profit that our business makes comes from actual attendance in the classes that we run.  For this reason we have to ensure that our classes are the best they can be to leave you wanting to come back.  We have to ensure each class is well attended.. if not we review the timetable and make small gradual changes to continue to deliver popular well attended classes.  Our timetable is tweaked very slightly each month in order to keep new and current customers attending.