Exercise Class Specialists in and around Darlington. Classes at The Dolphin Centre, Haughton Education Village and Hummersknott School
Welcome to Fit-Lab

FIT-LAB are exercise class specialists based in and around Darlington, delivering state of the art classes to all abilities. We pride ourse​lves on our no subscription model, allowing you to attend classes when you want to.

We have multiple venues and deliver a variety of classes so you should always find one that is just right for you!

​Temporary Timet​able disruptions in next 7 days:

Tuesday 21st October - 6.15pm Body Combat will run as Step & Sculpt with Jaime, we have tried our best to get Body Combat cover but unfortunately there are no instructors available.



Our recommend a friend scheme continues throughout October. Simply ask for a card at your next class. Bring along 3 new friends to Fit Lab and receive a £10 Fit Lab voucher.


The Dolphin Centre Creche runs from 9.30 - 11.30 am weekdays, time for a 9.45am class and a peaceful coffee!

Tel: 07867 798 523 / 07854 986 482

E mail:

Trim to Tinsel:

Fit LAB's Christmas Bootcamp

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