Exercise Class Specialists in and around Darlington. Classes at The Dolphin Centre, Haughton Education Village, Hummersknott School and Belvedere Club Bishop Auckland.

Welcome to FIT-LAB

FIT-LAB are exercise class specialists based in and around Darlington, delivering state of the art classes to all abilities. We pride ourse​lves on our no subscription model, allowing you to attend classes when you want to.

We have multiple venues and deliver a variety of classes so you should always find one that is just right for you!

​Temporary Timet​able disruptions in next 7 days: 

Recent Class Videos

We can officially confirm that Kelly is booked on her Body Combat course and classes will be starting in August!! 

Kelly is already an experienced Les Mills instructor and we are sure that with her thrive for perfection and her precise technique and coaching, she will make a great Body Combat instructor!

Body Combat

Body Balance is cancelled on Monday 21st July but back to normal next week.


We don't want you to miss all of your sessions in the school holidays therefore.....

You can bring your children to class during the day as long as they do not disrupt the class and do not join in.

The Dolphin Centre Creche runs from 9.30 - 11.30 am weekdays, time for a class and a peaceful coffee!